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Reviving NPAK


Réhabilitation du Centre de l'art expérimental à Yerevan.




mai - juin  2019

Description - extrait:    

‘...The Project design aims to revive the Armenian Center for Contemporary

Experimental Art with architectural tools and ideas as follows:

1.  Urban connection.

Connecting two urban parts of the city –Vernissage Market with 33rdDistrict

on the North –South axis by creating a “green” corridor between two of the emblematic

buildings –NPAK and Office building of Yerevan Project Institute.

Opening NPAK’s facilities to the adjacent building by making a cafeteria on 3 levels

accessible from each side of the West –East axis.

2.  Urban existence

Making the NPAK building with its piazza participate in the flow of the Vernissage Market

by the development of the plein-air cinema with the giant screen on the North Façade

but also by placing the unique bookstore in front of the main walkway.

3.  New Identity

Finding the new identity of the building by creating the iconic forms for the extension

parts with the “flying” staircases as the heart of the project where all users

of the building meet. Full height museum hall rising from ground to the rooftop

with its trees visible from the surroundings as a statement of the modern approach

of the emerging institution towards green architecture and the quality of the proposed

experience. Considering that nowadays technology with nature in its experimental

character needs to be present in the image of 21st century’s city...’

Michal Karol design & architecture                Paris                ︎    michalmkarol@gmail.com            ︎    +33 7 68 51 99 68     +48 884 888 725